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Professional Services

What is SITECH Professional Services Group?

SITECH Mid-Canada’s Professional Services Group will work with, and for customers to deliver turnkey projects or long-term services in construction planning, engineering, operations, maintenance, and project handover.

How are we taking the next step with you?

Professional Services offered by SITECH Mid-Canada Ltd. will be Canada’s first construction job site solution to offer our customers a variety of services beyond the technology hardware and software selling portfolios. These days, customers are looking to partner with companies that can work with them, or for them to solve issues and/or deliver business knowledge or reports.

SITECH Mid-Canada’s Professional Services Group will market a Do It With You or Do It For You approach to ultimately help customers understand their business intelligence, or to report and act on their Key Performance Indicators. Professional Services will follow the Collect-Analyze-Act-Report process while giving customer valuable insight their business intelligence of strength and weaknesses.

What does the Professional Services Group offer?

Professional Services will be offered under the Mining and Special Project Division of SITECH Mid-Canada Ltd. Our Professional Services offerings will include, but not be limited to the following services:

  • 3D Data Prep
  • CAD Data Clean-up and Design Changes
  • File Conversion
  • Equipment and Software Consultation
  • Site Calibration
  • Machine Site Verification
  • Job Site Volume Calculations
  • Take-Offs for Estimating and Bidding
  • Masshaul Diagrams & Haul Route Optimization
  • Alignment Optimization and Value Engineering
  • Time Chainage Scheduling
  • 2D Cycle Time Reporting
  • 3D Project Monitoring for Elevation Mapping, Earth Movement, and Compaction
  • Business Intelligence Consulting Services
  • Drone Data Processing

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