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Loadrite H2250 for Haul Trucks

The H2250 provides automatic haul truck load counting, and payload measurement to within +/- 3% accuracy location based material tracking.


The H2250 provides a near real-time reporting of haul truck production and process monitoring, driving increased production and limiting costs. It helps quarry managers, supervisors and operators by 
presenting information to monitor and improve the processes and handling of the quarry haul fleet.

H2250 is suitable for rigid body haul trucks in the aggregates extraction industry, in both pit truck and bin truck applications.

The H2250 provides automatic haul truck load counting, and payload measurement to within +/- 3 percent accuracy (typical), It also features near real-time production reporting, truck speed monitoring, cycle time analysis and location-based material tracking.


Loadrite X Series for Excavators

What can Loadrite X Series do for your business?

Optimizing loadout
• Accurate payload weights
• Bucket-by-bucket payload

Optimize truckloads

• Ensure trucks are accurately loaded before your 
   truck scale
• Ensure accurate loading of remote projects without
   truck scales

Improve profits
• Avoid double handling of material, load right the first time
• Avoid overload fines, load trucks to the maximum capacity
• Reduce haulage costs, never under load trucks again
• Maximize tons per liter (gallon) and minimize fuel usage of excavators and trucks
• Reduce machine down-time by optimizing load quota

Process improvement
•  Track and monitor loading of trucks and tons moved
•  Monitor inventory and stock levels
•  Prevent excessive machine stress with schedule preventative maintenance times
•  Maximize machinery utilization by identifying unused capacity

Increase productivity
•  Load consistently to maximize tons moved per day
•  Sell more product without adding equipment or personnel
•  Reduce cycle times; prevent truck turnarounds at the truck scale
•  Benchmark operator productivity
•  Improve overall equipment effectiveness
•  Benchmark operator performance/efficiency
•  Monitor reasons for delays
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