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1D | 2D | 3D Radar Solutions for Inventory Control, Collision Avoidance, Operator Assistance, and Automation

The core of most of our solutions is our unique iDRR™ Radar Sensor technology.

It has been specifically developed to answer the highly demanding requirements of the mining industry. 
Our sensors neither compromise on robustness nor accuracy, they are easy to install and calibrate and do not require any maintenance.

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Over the years, we have expanded and further developed our sensors into a multi-purpose solution family that offers real-time filling height information, creates 2D and 3D images of stockpiles, helps to position machinery with an accuracy in the mm area, and measures the speed and volume flow of conveyor belts. All of our solutions can easily be combined to fit your specific requirements in one modular solution package.

Liquid Leak Detection (Mining Industry)

Protecting the Environment, Health & Safety by Detecting Mines Spills in Real Time.

Get instant notification and visual confirmation of small leaks of cyanide and other chemicals used in mines to enable fast response, helping eliminate or prevent damaging consequences and product loss.
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Bever Control AS is a company specializing in computer based guidance and control systems for drilling jumbos. They also specialize in other hardware and software for planning, controlling, analysing and reporting for the tunnelling and mining industries. SITECH Mid-Canada Ltd. is the North American Partner with BeverControl for Mining and Construction projects. 

• Less volume to excavate
• Less concrete for lining
• Less bolting
• Less surveyor assistance on site 
• Less quality control work

Tunnel geometry model, designed in 3D and exported as LandXML/Iredes files is used in Bever Team directly, and exported to drilling jumbos and other equipment.

Office software: Bever Team Online


• Tunnel design, machine control, registration and automatic documentation
• Planning and reporting is supported by web based software
• Software and database is run using web browser. 
• Operation software and project database are available on cloud server, support from contractors surveyor, local supplier and Bever Control.
• Project data can be downloaded from the client’s digital models of tunnel or the contractor can design tunnel in Bever Online.  
• Land XML is the preferred format today
• Geometric model is transferred to Excavator via USB stick Or WLAN

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