Trimble 4D Monitoring Solutions


Trimble 4D Monitoring solutions for critical jobs like Buildings, Monuments, Dams etc... where high precision and accuracy needs are of the utmost priority. Every monitoring project is different and so the choice of suitable tools will also be different from project to project. There is one request which is common in all monitoring applications - we want to collect information about the objects we are monitoring. In our case it is mainly survey data and we want to repeat this over a certain period of time, to be able to determine trends.

As every monitoring application is different also the choice of the sensors will be different. Key factors here are the size of the project, the type of the expected movement and the required accuracy of the results. Let’s have a look at the two main survey sensors:

• Total Station
• GNSS Receivers

To augment the measurements collected by total stations and GNSS receivers geotechnical sensors can be used. They can be placed in obstructed locations where no prism or GNSS antenna would do the job:

• Geotechnical Sensors
• Tilt Sensors
• Piezometers
• Pressure Cells
• Extensometers
• Inclinometers
• Crack Sensors
• Strain Gauges
• Weather Stations
• Distance Meters & more...

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